The joint residency of Norwegian and Russian artists in Longyearbyen

In collaboration with Galleri Svalbard’s residency,  four artists are invited to Longyearbyen as part of AIR BArents 2017:

April 2-21, 2017 Aleksander Johan Andreassen

April 2-21, 2017 Anastasia Marakulina

April 2-23, 2017 Ivan Khimin

April 6 -24, 2017 Espen Tversland

The residencies are part of the project Imaginations of the North (working title), that is being developed by curators Anastasia Patsey (RUS) and Kristoffer Dolmen (NOR).

The Arctic region remains one of the last places in the world, still unknown to most of the people. Is it “the land of ice horror”, as Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen called it? Or is it a mysterious, sacred space that is yet to be discovered? The history of the exploration of this region, that is still a desired destination for scientists and travellers, is marked by courage, faith and hope. The Arctic connected countries, nations and people, becoming a monument of the immense and the intimate, pride and oblivion. The industrial occupation of the Arctic in the search of new resources has been progressing dramatically. At the same time, an international research of these territories in the perspectives of arts and culture is still in its initial stage. The Svalbard archipelago offers a unique and inspiring context for artistic work that is based on the specifics of its history, nature and community.
The project ‘Imaginations of the North’ (working title) aims to initiate a multidisciplinary mapping of the Svalbard archipelago in the dimensions of visual and performative arts. Its title refers to the book ‘The Idea of North’ by Peter Davidson, who explores the very concept of “north” through its many manifestations in painting, legend, and literature. By specifying the general question “What is the Artic?” the project appeals to its aesthetic and conceptual image. Through site-specific research and interventions, artists are encouraged to compose and share private coordinate grids, re-code archives of a universal human memory and create a very individual vision of Svalbard.

In the framework of the AiR Barents program four artists from Norway and Russia will undertake residencies in Svalbard in fspring 2017:


Asya Marakulina (b. 1988)

Asya Marakulina is a visual artist based in St. Petersburg, Russia. She works with the media of drawing, painting, embroidery, animation, video and installation. Her practice is based on both personal experiences and observations of the surrounding environment in search of poetic visual parallels. The project by Asya Marakulina present these connections in in some universal schemes, lyrical mapping and landscapes on the border of the imaginary and the real.


Ivan Khimin (b. 1975)

In his artistic work Ivan Khimin focuses on media archeology, net art and digital aesthetics. His projects develop in the realm of science art, conceptualism and post-minimalism. Using computer programming and simple text editors as his main tools (sometimes along with old-fashioned equipment) Ivan Khimin invented a new style that he calls “asciiticism”.


Aleksander Johan Andreassen (1982)

Aleksander Johan Andreassen is a Norwegian artist and filmmaker. He was born and raised in Bodø, and is currently living in Oslo. His works have been displayed at group exhibitions and film festivals in Norway and abroad. Aleksander mainly works with film and video installations where the exploration of methodical approaches is essential. In his work he seeks to give voice to both the discombobulating and vulnerable traits of human conduct. Aleksander got his bachelor’s degree at Bergen Academy of Art and Design in Bergen, Norway and his master’s degree at Konstfack University college in Stockholm, Sweden.


Espen Tversland (1970)

Espen Tversland is a Norwegian visual artist, who now live and work in Brønnøysund. He studied at Statens Kunstakademiet, Oslo. He works in several different media using various techniques which he integrates into his main form of expression: digital video, digital image processing and animation. His works have been displayed in several shows and film festivals in Norway and abroad.