In residence: Dmitry Kozlov

Photo: Tanya Busse

Dmitry Kozlov (b.1987, Arkhangelsk) is a research fellow at the Research and Information Centre “Memorial” in Saint Petersburg.

Kozlov’s residency in Tromsø (December 17-22, 2016) is connected with Tanya Busse’s and Joar Nango’s ongoing project Nomadic Library. During his stay in Tromsø Kozlov will meet with Busse and Nango, with whom he will share his extensive knowledge about Samizdat – self-published and self-distributed literature which has a long history in Russia.

Dmitry is the author of several publications on history and culture of postwar Soviet Union. His research interests are connected with Soviet dissent and non-conformist art, political protests, Samizdat, history and sociology of youth and children’s literature. Dmitry Kozlov makes his current research on political protests in postwar Leningrad as a part of joint research project “Comparing protest actions in Soviet and post-Soviet spaces”, which is organized by the Research Centre for East European Studies at the University of Bremen with financial support from the Volkswagen Foundation.

More about Dmitry Kozlov



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