Video art exhibition DEDUCTION | Murmansk

Photo: Videostill from Natalia Egorova’s  work “Between”, made during the  AiR Barents residency in 2015 

Swiss Alps, limitless Antarctic, mysterious China, green jungle of Peru, alluring Norway in one video exhibition

 Video art exhibition DEDUCTION

October 28 – December 31, 2016

Gallery Ч9

Murmansk, Russia

Opening: October 28, 2016, 19:00

Lectures and special screenings 17 December, 18:00 and 24 December, 18:00




A K DOLVEN (Norway)

Yafei Qi (China)

Sean Snyder (USA)

Natalia Egorova (Russia)

Antonio Paucar (Peru/Germany)


The title of the exhibition “Deduction” motivates spectators to think and look for the truth.

Deduction (Latin deductio – deriving) is a main process of logical reasoning, the method of thinking which leads to a logical conclusion in which a particular conclusion is derived from a generalized one. The chain of arguments where the elements are interconnected by logical conclusions. Deduction is the opposite to induction, which does not provide reliable, but probable knowledge. Under reliable premises deduction provides guaranteed accurate conclusions. Deduction of truth provides truth.

Within this exhibition we move from the general worldview to private stories. We suggest that spectators try to find truth and make their own conclusions based on the accurate premises from various artists working in different parts of the world.

Five artists think about the interconnection of such phenomena as a human being, nature, civilization, freedom in their works. All works are united by movement: chaotic and restless (A K Dolven’s iceberg), interrupted and fragile (Snyder’s drone), slow, meditative and smooth (people in Yafei’s works), ritual (Paukar), monotonous and repetitive (step of Egorova).

Alive or dead? Nature, people, machines – who rules? Are people insignificant and weak or strong and powerful?



“Deduction” is the second in the series of video art exhibitions in Murmansk.

The first one, “Induction”, was held in 2015: Jouko Alapartanen (FI), Andrea Bakketun (NO), Lars Brekke (NO), Ivan Galuzin (NO), Ane Hjort Guttu (NO), Kaia Hugin (NO), Roderick Hietbrink (NO/NL), Vemund Thoe (NO).


Ч9 gallery



Sean Snyder

Natalia Egorova

Antonio Paukar

Yafei Qi

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