Linn Rebekka Åmo i Stamsund

Detail from the textile installations| Photo Kristoffer Dolmen

Stamsund is a small fishing village in Lofoten with a population  around 1,000 people.  Galleri 2 has been established in Stamsund in 1999 by artists Scott Thoe and Vebjørg Hagene Thoe. Galleri 2 features exhibitions of Norwegian and international artists, as well as a collection of works by its founders.

Exhibition at Galleri 2 by Linn Rebekka Åmo

(download the pressrelease in Norwegian)

Artist Linn Rebekka Åmo spent one month in residency in Murmansk, as a part AIR Barents program in 2014.

“-I really enjoyed the apartment I lived in when in Murmansk – it was very different from home, which was fun. I had enough space to work and there were shops nearby selling material/fabric, which was great! ”

 Linn Rebekka Åmo has in recent years worked mostly with textiles, collage and painting, although her background is in photography. Åmo’s working process  is  made of collecting, cutting, sewing and pasting. her textile works have  painterly qualities, and form, color and composition are fundamental elements. During her stay in Murmansk Åmo got inspired by Russian women, architecture in the city and Russian Orthodox icons. There was a melting point between
the feminine, the masculine and the religious.
  Linn Rebekka Åmo installing the exhibition at Galleri 2| Photo: Kristoffer Dolmen
Linn Rebekka Åmo (born in Bodø, 1978) holds BFA from Bergen Academy of Arts and Design and MFA from The Art Academy in Trondheim (NTNU).




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