Stian Gabrielsen in Murmansk

Photo: Glafira Severianova

In residence: Stian Gabrielsen in Murmansk from September 11-21, 2016
Stian Gabrielsen (b.1981) is a writer, art critic and artist with an MFA from the Art Academy in Oslo. He is a contributing editor of the Nordic art journal Kunstkritikk. Additionally, he helps run the exhibition space Diorama in Oslo. He has also written several shorter works of fiction, among them the novellas Sstrangling Ffrozen Fflamingo (Frenetic Happiness, 2014) and Passasjerene (Novus forlag, 2014).

Gabrielsen has been invited to Murmansk by curators and artists Ivan Galuzin and Glafira Severianova who run Gallery Ч9. During his residency he will open Sergey Chebotar’s exhibition on Saturday September 17, and write about the Guestbook project, which Ivan Galuzin and Glafira Severianova have been developing in the frame of this year’s AiR Barents programme.



Photo: from “Being Is Being Used to Be Being Blurred”, by Kristian Skylstad & Stian Gabrielsen, 2010




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