Sergey Chebotar | The other side

Sergey Chebotar | The other side

Painting, graphics

18.09 -16.10.2016

Opening 17 September 17:00

Ч9 gallery

Murmansk, Chelyuskintsev str, 9

Fri, Sat, Sun 16: 00-20: 00


Sergey Cebotar (b. June 25, 1956, Murmansk)
Member of the Russian Artists Union since 1984.
Participated in exhibitions since 1980.

The exhibition “The Other Side” presents works by Sergey Chebotar which have never previously been shown. Four graphic series: application, pencil and charcoal drawing, linocut – the other side of the oeuvre of the artist from Murmansk

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The space between heaven and Earth is like a bellows.
The shape changes but not the form;
The more it moves, the more it yields.
More words count less.
Hold fast to the center.


Thirty spokes share the wheel’s hub;
It is the center hole that makes it useful.
Shape clay into a vessel;
It is the space within that makes it useful.
Cut doors and windows for a room;
It is the holes which make it useful.
Therefore benefit comes from what is there;
Usefulness from what is not there.


Empty yourself of everything.
Let the mind become still.
The ten thousand things rise and fall while the Self watches their return.
They grow and flourish and then return to the source.


From above it is not bright;
From below it is not dark:
An unbroken thread beyond description.
It returns to nothingness.
The form of the formless,
The image of the imageless,
It is called indefinable and beyond imagination.


The Complete Tao Te Ching
Translated by Gia-Fu Feng (馮家福 Feng Jia-fu, 1919–1985) and Jane English (1942–)


Sergey Chebotar 2016




Sergey Chebotar 2016 autoportret


Text & images courtesy of Ч9 gallery