Tanya Busse and Joar Nango in Murmansk and Arkhangelsk


Artists Joar Nango and Tanya Busse re- visit Arkhangelsk in July this year, three years after their first residency in 2013.

AiR Barents 2016 in collaboration with Pikene på broen organizes their one-week long residency in Russia, during which they will do research for their new collaboration project.

“Our starting point is an idea that combines Joar’s interests in nomadic structures, temporary architecture and printed matter, with my interests in libraries/book publishing and distribution. The plan is to build a nomadic library- with units that can be taken apart and reassembled (and reused) as needed. For now we have some loose categories in mind (ecological knowledge, underground publishing, mining and resource extraction, sami / nomadic architecture, local underground zines), and through time it may become more crystallised. Hopefully the library will mirror the diversity, as well as relevant issues, in the North.We hope to involve local people, craftsmen, artists, friends to help build the library together.”
Tanya Busse

Tanya Busse and Joar Nango’s body of work is grounded in a sculptural practice and is driven by experimentation with raw materials and their relationship to form and place. Through a type of “domestic research”, they have developed an aesthetic and spatial language around their interests, ranging from d.i.y culture and utopian social theory, to architecture and actions in public space. Their projects emphasize a tender engagement with the city, and their interdisciplinary approach often involves material local to the installation site and context.

Photos: Joar Nango, Tanya Busse, Cornelius Stiefenhofer












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