Winter 2014 in Tromsø | Photo: Oleg Samoilov ( AIR Barents 2014)

High North AiR Network: AIR Barents has since its start in 2014 hosted residencies for more than 30 artists and curators from North-Norway and Northwest-Russia. The project aims to strengthen Norwegian-Russian art network and encourage production of art works in the Barents region. The important goal for the A‐i‐R Barents has been to establish a long-term, functional network of artists, art organizations and project partners.

In  the program’s final year we will organize residencies, curated exhibitions, workshops, seminars and videoprogram in North-Norway (Nordland, Troms, Finnmark and Svalbard), and Northwest-Russia (Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Karelia and St Petersburg).

In Tromsø  we will organize lectures and presentation of the artists and projects organized in the frame of AIR Barents 2016.

Publication that documents the activities from 2014-2017, including presentations of all participants and commissioned texts on contemporary art in the Barents region in Norwegian, Russian and Sami language will be published in the autumn 2017.


June 1, 2016: Gut Feelings / Magefølelse – Cross cultural fermentation
The workshop and lecture by artist and cultural activist Eva Bakkeslett in collaboration with Tromsø Folkekjøkken and AiR Barents 2016