Photo: Anastasia Vepreva, AIR Barents 2015 (Bodø)

Anastasia Vepreva and Roman Osminkin

Russian artists Anastasia Vepreva and Roman Osminkin have been invited to participate in the AiR Barents 2016.

Roman Osminkin is radical poet, performer and video artist from St. Petersburg. He is a postgraduate student at the Russian Institute of Art History (2012 – present). Author of poetry and short prose books, Comrade-Thing (Kraft, 2010), Comrade-Word (Kraft, 2012), Texts with external objectives (NLO, 2015). Winner of the poetry event SLAM SPb in 2006 and 2010 and the video-poetry festival “Fifth leg.” Frequently publishes works of art criticism in various outlets. In 2015 Osminkin was invited by Nordland County Council to Bodø and Tromsø for a short research residency.

Anastasia Vepreva is an historian by training and whose artistic practice has a focus on the analysis and discourse of historical memory. She works in various techniques with the idea of systems of oppression, and with the idea of death. Anastasia is an artist and curator from St. Petersburg, Russia. She has double MA from Smolny College, SPBU, St. Petersburg and Bard College, NY, USA. Anastasia also graduated from The School of Engaged Art by the group “Chto Delat”.

She has participated in several international events, including the Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, The 6th Moscow Biennale, Manifesta 10, 35th Moscow International film festival, High North AiR Network: AiR Barents 2015.